Driven Administrator Guide: Troubleshooting Driven

version 2.2.6

Troubleshooting Driven

This Troubleshooting section is a list of tips for solving common issues that users encounter while deploying and running the Driven Server.

If you still have problems after reading this page, feel free to post your queries to Driven Forums or email us at

See the Driven Compatibility Matrix section of the Planning a Driven Deployment page for version compatibilities among Driven, Cascading, JDK, and other components that you need for the deployment.

If you are having issues with the Driven Agent or Driven Plugin, see the following sections:

The Driven Server installation generates a Java incompatibility error

Ensure that you have at Java 7 installed on your system. Driven Server installation requires Java 7.

Can not install a valid license

If you see a log message similar to the following, then make sure that the user running tomcat has a home directory

ERROR driven | java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: Couldn’t get file lock.

Transmission of application metrics data to Driven stops but app status remains in RUNNING state

Sometimes an application fails or a functioning Driven deployment no longer receives telemetry data from a running application. If application updates to Driven cease when this is not your intention, it is important that the application status in Driven change from RUNNING to STOPPED. Unresponsive applications can distort the accuracy of the Status Timeline graph if the status remains in RUNNING state.

Step 1: Display all applications in RUNNING status

If your Status View in Driven is not filtered appropriately, set the search Status filter menu to Running.

Step 2: Open details about the unresponsive application

Click the Name link for the unresponsive application. The performance view will appear, showing the application’s flow and status state. Example of performance view window with warning in top right corner shows an example of the performance view.

zombie markAsStopped Status
Figure 1. Example of performance view window with warning in top right corner

The application’s condition is displayed in the top right corner of the screen shot in Example of performance view window with warning in top right corner. The warning here indicates that the application is unresponsive, and the Driven Server is not receiving updates from the Driven Plugin.

Step 3: Stop the unresponsive application

After you confirm that this is the specific application you want to stop, click Mark as stopped.

zombie markAsStopped
Figure 2. The Mark as stopped button and application status
The application has a stop timestamp at the time when the Driven Server last received an update timestamp from the Driven Plugin that monitors application processes in the Hadoop infrastructure. For example, if you stopped an application at the current (system) time, Driven will mark the stop time at the last updated timestamp that might have occurred three months previously.