Driven Administrator Guide: Upgrading Driven Server

version 2.2.6

Upgrading Driven Server

Most Driven upgrades can be accomplished with a WAR replacement.

However, if you are upgrading from versions 1.0.x or 1.1.x and wish to keep your existing data, you will need to perform a reindex to migrate your data to the current schema. Documentation on this procedure can be found in older documentation, but please consider contacting technical support for guidance. - Driven 1.1 > 1.2

Before WAR Replacement

  1. Back up the data of your Driven deployment. See Backing Up and Restoring Driven Repositories. for more information.

  2. For sites running a stand-alone Elasticsearch cluster: Check the version of your external Elasticsearch cluster. If not already running Elasticsearch 1.5.2, please upgrade your cluster to Elasticsearch version 1.5.2. Also, if required, upgrade Elasticsearch plugins to be compatible with version 1.5.2.

Upgrade the Driven Server

To upgrade the Driven Server, you need to replace the WAR file contents of your existing deployment with the contents of the 2.2 WAR file while the webserver is stopped.

After you have upgraded the server node(s), install version 2.2 of the Driven CLI Client.

Perform the following steps on each of your Driven server webserver nodes.

Step 1: Download the Driven Server WAR file

$ wget -i

Step 2: Stop the webserver. Run the script in the Driven installation directory:

$ bin/

Step 3: Remove the contents of the ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/ directory by running the following command:

$ rm -rf ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/*

Step 4: Copy the new WAR file to the ROOT context of the webserver webapps directory:

$ cp ${UPGRADE_WAR} ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/ROOT.war

Step 5: Ensure that the system user that will run Tomcat has execute and write permissions on the copied WAR file.

Step 6: Start the webserver. Run the script in the Driven installation directory:

$ bin/

Step 7: Follow the steps in Driven CLI Client.