Driven Administrator Guide: Prerequisites

version 2.2.6



Things to consider before upgrading:

Upgrading from a Driven version of 1.2.x and above can be accomplished with a WAR replacement as documented in Upgrade the Driven Server

However, if you are upgrading from versions 1.0.x or 1.1.x and wish to keep your existing data, you will need to perform a reindex to migrate your data to the current schema.

Documentation on this procedure can be found in older versions of the documentation, but please consider contacting technical support for guidance.

Check your team’s demands and expectations

Driven can be deployed on-premise or in-cloud. It can also be deployed as a single standalone instance or as a tiered cluster.

Check your hardware and software

  • Java 7 installation on the host computer

  • If installing Driven as an on-premises application, you should have a server to deploy Driven to, and the server should:

    • Have 8 GB of RAM or more

    • Run one of the following 64-bit operating systems:

      • Mac OS X 10.7 or later

      • Linux (any 64-bit distribution should do)

    • The user running the webserver (tomcat) will need to have a home directory.

  • The required disk space depends on your volume of data ingest.

  • Time skew can cause strange artifacts in timestamps and display of data, please check to make sure you are running a utility such as ntp on your machines.

  • Your fully qualified hostname should be resolvable to your IP address. To check it:

    • On Linux or Mac OS, run the following command:

ping $(hostname -f)
  • On Windows, to get fully qualified hostname, run:

ipconfig /all

then try to ping that name (it should look like

After you’ve checked your hardware and software, you can proceed to install and configure Driven.