Release Notes: Driven 2.2

version 2.2.6

New in this release

Spark Monitoring

Driven can monitor and display performance data for Spark applications. The following are supported:

  • Spark Core (RDDs) for batch processing

  • Spark Streaming for real-time processing

  • Spark MLib machine learning

LDAP Integration

User Authentication and Management now supports LDAP based directories. Key features:

  • Login authentication via LDAP

  • Ability to browse for users in an LDAP directory

User and team management workflow

Improvement to User and Team management workflow for both user and admin roles. Visit configure teams, manage teams, and manage users for more information.

Slice Waterfall view

Gantt-like timeline that charts the running slices (or tasks) of an Application running on a cluster. The purpose is to indicate potential cluster issues such as preemption from another job.

UI Design and navigation enhancement

Revamp of Driven UI design in order to improve usability and provide a fresher look to the application. Areas most impacted are the main navigation and the search/filter bar.

Other improvements

Data ingestion robustness

Improved Driven Plugin robustness and performance.

Self-service CTAs

Various calls to action (CTAs) to help the user logically navigate through Driven.