Driven Plugin Guide: Prerequisites

version 2.2.6


Check your team’s demands and expectations

The Driven Plugin is the component that collects data from a running Cascading applications and sends the information to the Driven Server.

The Driven Plugin works with Cascading 2.x and 3.x releases across all the platforms Cascading supports:

  • Apache Hadoop MapReduce - Cascading 2.+ and 3.+

  • Apache Tez - Cascading 3.0+

  • Apache Flink - Cascading 3.1+

If wishing to instrument Apache Hadoop applications other than Cascading like Apache Hive and Apache Spark, the Driven Agent is required. See the Driven Agent Guide for details on installing on supported platforms.

Check your system privileges and network access

To download the necessary Driven Plugin, you will need Internet access from the host machine it will be installed, or sufficient privileges to upload the Plugin jar file to the host machine the applications to be monitored will be launched from.

If using a hosted version of Driven Server not downloaded and installed on the local network, the Driven Agent will need direct internet access to the remote Driven Server installation.

If your applications run behind a secure firewall, it may be necessary to download and install a local copy of the Driven Server. See the Driven Administrator Guide for details.