Driven Administrator Guide

version 2.2.6

Driven Administrator Guide

1. Prerequisite

1.1. Upgrading

2. Planning a Driven Deployment

2.1. Understanding the Deployment Architecture

3. Installing and Configuring the Driven Server

3.1. Downloading the Driven Server

4. Starting and Stopping the Driven Server

4.1. Starting the Driven Server

5. Uninstalling the Driven Server

5.1. Stopping the Server

6. Using the Driven Admin Features

6.1. Manage Users

7. The Driven Command Line Client

7.1. Installing the Driven CLI Client

8. Integrating with Third-Party Monitoring Applications

8.1. Using Java Management Extensions (JMX) with Driven

9. Upgrading Driven Server

9.1. Before WAR Replacement

10. Troubleshooting Driven

10.1. The Driven Server installation generates a Java incompatibility error