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Driven User Guide

version 2.1.4

Sharing and Limiting Access to Application Information

As a member of a Driven team, you have access to all aspects of runtime metrics of an application that is associated with the team. You also can share a view of data that you create and save with other Driven users who belong to one or more of the same teams that you do.

Depending on the sharing permissions that are configured at your site, you can also share a view with users who do not belong to the same teams as you do.

There are two types of access to information that can be shared across teams:

  • Discoverability access to an application lets users see the Status View and Application View information for the application.

  • Visibility access to an application lets users see application details and unit of work details.

The access levels are not mutually dependent. If an administrator or team leader enables or disables discoverability, this does not affect visibility, and vice versa.

See Configuring Access Levels for details about how a Driven administrator or team leader can set discoverability and visibility permissions.

Sharing Saved Views

After you save a view, you can share it with other Driven users. When you share a view, you must either select some or all of your teams or grant access to all other users of the Driven deployment.

To share a view:

  1. Hover over a view link in the My Views list of the sidebar.

  2. Click the sharing icon (sharing-icon).

  3. Select how you want to share the view:

    • If you want to share the view with teammates only, select Teams and one or more of the entries in the list.

    • If you want to share with all users who can log in to Driven, select Public.

    • If you prefer to share the view more selectively, select Link.

  4. Click SHARE.

  5. If you selected Teams or Public sharing, the saved view appears in the Team Views or Public Views list of the other users. If you selected Link sharing, then copy the URL that is generated in the window and send it to other users of your Driven deployment who need access to the view. (Selecting Link sharing does not populate the saved views that appear in the side bars of other users.)

Discoverability and visibility settings on an application take precedence over how you share a view. As a result, views that are shared with other teams, marked public, or saved as distributed links might contain applications that are not discoverable or visible by users outside your team. Contact the team leader or system administrator if you have concerns about the permission settings.

After sharing a view, you can either change who else can access the view or revoke access from all other users. To modify the share settings, click the sharing icon to configure and submit changes to view access.

Figure 1 shows how saved views are categorized and arranged in the side panel of your Driven window.

app and status views
Figure 1. Saved views in the side panel

Alternatively, you can hover over your user name in the top-right corner and click Saved Views to open a separate window listing all saved views that you can access. The Saved Views window also displays who created each view (Owner), when it was created, and when user access last changed.

Configuring Access Levels

If the Driven Server is configured to allow a team leader or the system administrator to control discoverability or visibility, then the access level can be controlled on the team details page. See Configuring Teams for Collaboration.

For information about how the access levels can be configured for the whole system when the Driven Server is deployed, see the "Access to Monitored Application Information" section of Configuring the Driven Server.

The following list outlines all the permissions settings in Driven pertaining to discoverability and visibility:

  • Driven Server configuration parameters

    • Establish a default setting for discoverability

    • Establish a default setting for visibility

    • Enable a Driven admin to change the default system-wide discoverability setting on a team-by-team basis

    • Enable a Driven admin to change the default system-wide visibility setting on a team-by-team basis

  • Team settings (only possible if Driven Server configuration allows change of access settings on team details page)

    • Change default discoverability setting that was set during Driven deployment

    • Change default visibility setting that was set during Driven deployment