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Driven 2.1 Release Notes

version 2.1.4

New in this Release

New App Detail information panels

There are tabbed panels at the top of the App details view which contain application data and status information.

New UoW (Unit of Work) Details information panels

As with the App Details view, the UoW view now has tabbed panels at the top of the view which contain UoW data and status information.

Column Chooser for the tables has additional values

The column chooser for tables in the Status View, App Details View and the UoW Details view has additional values in the Commmon and the Counter Alisases sections.

Non responsive Application detection

A non responsive application could be due to an application, hardware or network failure. The Driven Server detects non responsive applications and propagates this information to the user interface. The unresponsive applications will be marked with an icon next to them on the Status View table.

Minor improvements
  • Universal URLs - All views now have universal URLs hence allowing user to take advantage of browser features such as history, bookmarking, opening as new tabs et.

  • Upon login the user is taken to the requested URL.

  • Wait time spinner improvements.